Upholstery Linen Pillow Sham


We love the consistently beautiful interiors, and that’s why we are always happy to make upholstery linen pillow shams to match your couches, daybeds, and sofas. Pick any color in any size, or simply drop us a line if you’d like to place a custom order.

  • Size Guide
    Duvet covers

    US Twin

    167x219 cm


    US Twin XL

    168х229 cm


    US Full/Double

    203x203 cm


    US Queen

    229x224 cm


    US King

    259x229 cm


    CAL King

    264x239 cm



    US Standard

    51x66 cm


    US Queen

    51x76 cm


    US King

    51x91 cm


    Duvet covers

    EU Single Duvet Cover

    140x200 cm

    EU Double Duvet Cover

    220x200 cm

    EU King Duvet Cover

    220x240 cm


    Euro Standard

    50x70 cm

    Duvet covers

    UK Single Duvet Cover

    140x200 cm

    UK Double Duvet Cover

    200x200 cm

    UK King Duvet Cover

    220x260 cm


    UK King

    50x90 cm

    Duvet covers

    AU Queen Duvet Cover

    210x210 cm

    AU King Duvet Cover

    245x210 cm


    AU King

    50x80 cm


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Sturdy yet cozy and welcoming, the upholstery linen pillow sham in heavyweight linen creates lovely looks. Large and small sizes turn out to be equally beautiful and durable. These shams are perfect for the places where you are looking to create solid back support. For the pillows that are used closer to the skin – like, for nap nooks – we recommend you take a look at our medium-weight linen pillow shams. And the best way to ensure your couch is as welcoming as possible? Mix both kinds!

Throw upholstery linen pillow are always a good idea. To make the most of these cozy accessories, try mixing and matching different colors and weaves of the linen fabric for your pillow shams in heavyweight linen. We provide over a dozen different colors which can be combined in all kinds of harmonies. We welcome you to have fun with this order. And to be absolutely sure about your choices, we provide linen samples at our shop.

These pillow shams in heavyweight linen are carefully sewn using only the best materials. We use only durable heavy-duty zippers for heavy-weight linen. The zipper is neatly hidden into the seam running along the long side of the pillow. We pay close attention to details like the finish along the seams and in the corners. Rest assured that our value for money is always on the highest level.

How heavyweight linen pillow shams can make a difference in the interior?

Whenever you are looking for a makeover for your favorite furniture, upcycling an old furniture piece, or looking to create a cozy space that will last for years, look no further than the upholstery linen, pillow shams in particular. This sturdy fabric works beautifully even in the most high-traffic areas. The linen-cotton blend it is made of becomes softer and looks better with each cleaning. And being all-natural it is by far the best choice for any room or home health-wise.

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