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Our customers swear by the throws and couch cover solutions, reporting that their couches turn to “linen pillowy dreams”. Linen’s slubby texture and soft shine make it a naturally alluring material for couch cover. The play of the light on the surface of this rustic fabric is an experience on its own. Luxurious yet casual, the linen is the go-to choice for the cozy atmosphere. No matter what kind of cover you choose, it will bring a new life to your space. The loose throw is a quick and easy daily solution. A fitted slip-on will stay where you put it and have the charming country vibe. The rustic yet chic look of pure linen elevates any interior, and you can always make a feature piece shine with this easy makeover. Benefits of a linen couch throw If you’re looking to protect your favorite couch from the pets or a new baby in the house, say no more. The linen throw is an effortless way to give an extra protective layer to your furniture, update the room look, and even bring a new accent to space. Another part of the linen charm for the households is it being fairly stain-resistant. The most common household stains such as red wine, chocolate, ink, etc, can be removed from the linen couch cover or tablecloth with natural homemade stain remedies. Linen ages so well, you will feel better and better about this investment down the road. After multiple cleanings it gets softer, yet retains durability and great looks. When to go for the linen slip-on covers? Whenever you are looking for a long-term solution to your furniture looks, slip-on covers are what you need. They’re made to your measurements from the fabric of your choice. We love this kind of cover because they give a total mind-blowing makeover to the room. And yet, they are really easy to take care of. Moreover, with the extra design elements like piping, the humble couch cover can easily become a striking centerpiece. Do not limit yourself! Do you want to make a new cover for a sofa or couch you already have? If all the pillows are intact and the couch is in good shape, you may want to order the slip-on covers to give your couch a full second life. It will prevent the disfiguring of the cushions, and give a more neat look overall. Got an odd shape favorite couch? No problem. Just drop us the picture, we will guide you through the measurements process, and make a cover that will fit like a glove. But a simple couch cover is just the beginning. If you feel that you enjoy your linen experience, feel free to take it up a notch. To create a holistic relaxing corner, accessorize your couch with linen pillows, shams, a bolster or two. A throw with chunky tassels is a great detail for a summer midday nap. How to take care of a linen couch throw or couch cover? Linen upholstery fabric is very easy to care for. You can clean your own couch cover at home, and you will only need a washing machine and a dryer. You can also take it to a dry clean if that’s what you prefer. The usual household stains like most foods, ink, and such, can be removed from the linen covers with the common household remedies. The couch cover wears well, though it can be a little bit prone to sagging in the middle. To avoid this, when you are washing your covers next time, try putting the covers on the couch while they’re still damp. As the covers dry up, they will hug the cushions and give you a great snug fit on each part.

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