About Us

About Us

“It all started when I, a single mom of a beautiful baby boy, have opened a little online store to support us. Fast forward five years, and now Easy Linen gets thousands of raving reviews and delivers worldwide.

– Alona, founder of Easy Linen

All our products are made in Ukraine by a thriving female-owned and run business. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe that is the biggest exporter of linen and buckwheat. Buy from us, and you will get the best locally sourced produce and also, create working places for the local community.

We believe in luxurious bedding and covers for your house made easy.
We represent the lovely all-natural linens, duvets, pillows, covers, and cushions. We live for the natural woven fabrics and organic fillers such as buckwheat hulls.

We take pride in our materials and meticulous craftsmanship. In a matter of weeks, we can provide all types of linen covers and bedding you will need. If you’re looking to add ease and comfort to your life, you’re in the right place.


“Our products are made with great joy. Receiving good vibrations from happy customers gives me huge inspiration. And, of course, lots of energy to make things that I love!“

Our products are made of the best locally sourced materials traditionally produced around Ukraine. We’re very happy to only use the certified blends of linen around this store.

Easy Linen uses only the best materials

Our best-seller is the heavyweight linen-cotton blend that performs beautifully for high-traffic areas like daybeds, bench cushions, and furniture pillows. The medium-weight pure linen is a hit, too. We use it for cushions, benches, pillows, covers, and bedding.

We also provide and advocate for buckwheat hulls filler. It’s a natural ingredient traditionally used in pillows and futons for better relaxation and restoration. Moreover, it doesn’t even require recycling – it is compostable as is!

Looking to makeover your home? Order covers and pillowcases from us, and you will love the result – just like thousands of our happy customers do. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact!