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Yoga cushions and yoga bolsters are must-haves in the arsenal of yogis who look for the best relaxation experience. They ensure that all your muscles and joints remain in a healthy position while you’re working on your inner peace. If you like to try new things in your yoga practices, yoga cushions are something that you will probably enjoy. We have a range of different designs for your choice, so you can get whatever suits your style best. All our yoga cushions can be made from the material of your choice, and they also come in a range of natural colors. What is yoga bolsters supposed for? The bolsters tend to be used more as an active element in hatha yoga. It is called to act as a yoga block, helping to impact the particular muscles in between the sequences. The yoga bolsters come in several shapes. There are round, square, and half-round kinds, and they are actually used in different ways. The rectangular bolsters are usually fairly heavy. They will not roll away or smoosh up, so they will be perfect for the situations where you need solid support for your spine and body. Think lengthy yoga poses and flexibility exercises. The round shape is slightly smaller and lighter. It is often used in the active asanas of hatha yoga to take the pressure off particular joints. You can also put pressure on the points precisely - as in massaging your spine, for example. The half-roll yoga bolster is used mostly for meditation and savasana-like poses. It is ideal to get the neck muscles fully relaxed and softened. And while bolster keeps the neck in the right position, ensuring the best blood flow to the brain, the subtle aroma of the buckwheat helps you to reach calmness and deepen your breath. How the yoga pillows can help my meditations? Thinking about treating yourself to the set of lovely meditation cushions? It's a great way to have a nice thing that is also useful and eco-friendly. What’s even better, the right set can make your meditations longer and deeper. The point of the yoga cushion for meditation is to place your hips so that your spine finds the natural point of balance. The half-moon pillows for meditation are made for sitting. These will help you to keep your back in the upright position. When it happens, your back remains straight while supporting itself. The yoga cushions sets of Zafu and Zabuton are the classic traditional combo used for Zen and other deep meditations. The Zabuton is a flat mat and the Zafu is the round pillow placed on top of it. Our go-to filler for all the yoga cushions is buckwheat hulls. This is a fully organic, fully compostable, 100% natural hull of the buckwheat grain. So easy to refill, too! Whenever you need to top up your cushions, simply order a new batch from our site. Where you can use the meditation yoga pillows in your house? Aside from being the meditation room centerpiece, these pillows can be used everywhere throughout the house. Whenever you’re not doing your spiritual practices, simply throw these pillows around, sit on them, or use them as bench covers. The Zabuton flat mat also makes a perfect play mat for little babies. For the people whose jobs require sitting around all day - think developers, drivers, writers, and office workers – it is recommended to use the buckwheat-filled pillow as a seat cover. You will be surprised by how great it is for relieving back pain and neck stiffness. Sit on your yoga mat when you’re working, eating, watching movies, or reading the book - and see how this healthy habit can change your daily well-being.

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