Heavy Duty Ottoman Linen Cover


The ottoman cover comes to the rescue wherever you need a solution that will protect and upscale your favorite ottoman or square pouf.

  • Size Guide
    Duvet covers

    US Twin

    167x219 cm


    US Twin XL

    168х229 cm


    US Full/Double

    203x203 cm


    US Queen

    229x224 cm


    US King

    259x229 cm


    CAL King

    264x239 cm



    US Standard

    51x66 cm


    US Queen

    51x76 cm


    US King

    51x91 cm


    Duvet covers

    EU Single Duvet Cover

    140x200 cm

    EU Double Duvet Cover

    220x200 cm

    EU King Duvet Cover

    220x240 cm


    Euro Standard

    50x70 cm

    Duvet covers

    UK Single Duvet Cover

    140x200 cm

    UK Double Duvet Cover

    200x200 cm

    UK King Duvet Cover

    220x260 cm


    UK King

    50x90 cm

    Duvet covers

    AU Queen Duvet Cover

    210x210 cm

    AU King Duvet Cover

    245x210 cm


    AU King

    50x80 cm


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The heavy duty ottoman cover in sturdy linen is a great cover-up (sorry) for anything that may be going on with your favorite pouf or leg rest.

Heavyweight linen comes with a nice sturdiness to it. Crisp lines and corners hold the shape amazingly. Get this cover for the ottoman and revive your whole sitting area. Order it in a matching color to fit the rest of the furniture perfectly – or make a contrast accent piece.

This heavy duty ottoman cover can make a big difference for the shabby or damaged pouf. And turns out that not only humans love them! More than once our customers reported the thumbs-up from the furry judges, as well.

If you want to keep your living room ottoman looking good, these are just the right thing. Investing in the heavy-weight ottoman and couch covers from the beginning lets you save big in the long run.

How to order just the right ottoman cover?

Nothing is easier. First off, all our products are made exactly to the measurement. You can choose the standard size from our drop menu. If you have any doubts or your furniture piece is of a custom size, simply drop us a line. We can sew almost everything and will be happy to help you with getting the right measurements.

Why do we recommend heavyweight linen for the ottomans and poufs?

The heavyweight linen fabric is made from a blend of flax and cotton fibers. This gives it the sturdiness of the linen combined with the flexibility of the cotton. This means it is extremely durable. Whether you like to put your feet, your dog, your book, or your whole tea set on the ottoman, you can rely on this cover to hold up just right.

Ottoman Size

20×20" H12", 19×24" H15", 33.5×33.5" H15", 19×19" H16", 20×20" H16", 24×24" H16", 27×27" H16", 40×65" H16", 40×40" H16.5", 36×36" H17", 19.5×19.5" H18", 28×48" H18", 30×80" H18", 16×16" H19", 19×19" H19", 35×35" H20", 40×68" H22"

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