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Year-round comfort with linen sheets Linen sheets have marvelous qualities that make them comfortable to use all year long. In the winter, linen will retain heat from your body and create a warm and cozy cocoon. Yet, in summer the same bedding will keep you cool thanks to the natural qualities of the flax fibers. Linen fabric feels cool to touch, due to its higher conductivity which is the same principle that lets metals feel “cold”. The natural long fiber comes in different thicknesses providing a broad range from more rustic to more fine fabrics. While the mattress covers are usually made from heavyweight linen fibers, medium-weight and the finest linens are used for the luxury sheet sets. Added stonewashing gives the fabric a lived-in soft look and feel. A very important pro is the longevity of linen bedding. With the proper care, the linen sheet sets will serve you for years and years. Linen is very little prone to piling, easy to take care of, and gets more beautiful with time, like all-natural materials. On top of it, linen is one of the most eco-friendly materials. Why are linen sheets such an eco-friendly choice? First, the flax plants are very strong and can grow on poor soils with very little if any water. Much fewer pesticides if any are used to grow the flax. It can be processed without the use of water. The average linen shirt takes 6.4 liters of water to be made, compared to 26 liters for the cotton shirt. The best thing? When you finally decide to let your old linen sheets go, it will only take several weeks for them to deteriorate if buried in the soil. You can rest absolutely assured that it will not litter the landfill for years and years to come. You can hardly choose a more eco-friendly fabric for your everyday use! Treat yourself to your new favorite sheet set The linen sheets have been around for over 30,000 years for a reason. Over this time they remained associated with the higher echelons. The pricing of the linen can seem steep, but there is good reasoning for the fact. Due to the linen’s ability to quickly absorb and release moisture, linen is less prone to mildew and the nasties like dust mites and other harmful bacteria. Linen is perfect to improve the quality of sleep for people who live with asthma, allergies, or breathing conditions. Though the distinct cooling effect of the linen sheets works best in the summer, they can be used year-round, which brings great value to your investment. Getting better sleep every night means not only comfort but a way to better health. The incomparable durability ensures that you will get years and years of luxurious feelings every day. Due to its natural properties, linen bedding will not remain in the crisp lines. Its distinct slightly wrinkled soft texture brings the feeling of chill and opulence. Create a romantic, cozy ambiance that invites for a time of best leisure and indulgent self-care The linens' signature stonewashed hues combine amazingly with the interiors. Fitted, relaxed, or layered, linen brings a zing with its natural shine and effortless chic. In this category of Easy Linen products, you will find flat and fitted linen sheets, pillowcases, bolster cases, and more. All of it is sewn to order from certified medium-weight and lightweight linen. All of our linen sheets and sheet sets are available in all sizes and the widest range of colors. If you have not found what you are looking for, just message us and we will be happy to make a custom order for you.