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Enjoy the best relaxation with the bedding and linen covers made of pure European flax. Cuddle in cooling, breathing, and hypoallergenic material for a better quality of sleep every day. Double the effect with the custom-made mattress covers and cushions – now you’re in the Easy Linen kind of house. Easy Linen is a proud provider of outstanding quality linen covers for all your furniture and lovely linen bedding made of certified organic flax. All the items in the shop are handmade. All the fabrics are natural undyed or dyed with natural colors. All the bed linen and medium weight linen is hand washed and also steam preshrunk. Linen covers create an unbeatable atmosphere in your house It is beautiful on the outside, pure inside, and brings tons of value to your health. You will love how linen looks and feels, but what’s more important, you will know that you are choosing the best for you and your family. Linen covers are a perfect choice for homes with pets and children. The linen fabric is so durable, it makes the ideal covers for your favorite couch, daybed, mattress, porch swing, beloved pouf, or ottoman. Not only heavyweight covers can protect your furniture, but they can also give it a whole new life. Take your bedrooms, living rooms, verandas and playrooms, loveseats and window seats, poufs, and chairs to the next level. We take pride in making custom linen upholstery-like covers for all kinds of furniture. If you have a project that demands more than the run-off-the-mill linen products, then you’re in the right place. Where to use linen covers in your interior? Linen is non-static, non-pilling, breathable fabric that lasts really well. It comes in a natural hue in a range from yellowish to light gray and takes the color dyes really well. Thanks to its durability and resistance, it looks good for years and years. So feel free to use the linen covers in pretty much all areas of your house. Loveseats, couches, beds, benches, chairs, and whatnot – everything will look good in the linen cover. Bedroom pouf Living room couch Guest room ottoman Favorite daybed Kids room bean bag Terrace recliners Reading nook Nursing chair Porch swing Swing chair What are linen covers made of? Linen is a natural fabric made of flax fibers. Flax is grown in many parts of the world, but top-quality flax is primarily grown in Western European countries and Ukraine. We pick the medium-weight and heavy-weight fabrics from our proven local manufacturers in Ukraine and Belarus. Since the flax is processed so close to the place it comes from, the whole chain has a low impact on the environment. Moreover, we are getting the fabric produced only undyed or dyed with the natural colorants, with the tight weave of the fabric. This ensures the supple texture while saving the legendary linen’s durability. Our seamstresses are extremely skilled and you can expect perfectly sewn details such as the zippers, pockets, piping, etc. The great quality of the sewing ensures that our products always have the best fit. Our covers are perfectly snug, and the bolsters and pillows all have nice tight surfaces, with all zippers neatly covered with the flaps. At Easy Linen, everything is made with love! We love how linen can work for your benefit in all areas of your life. Our range of linen cushions for yoga practices is perfect for the meditation rooms and daily spiritual practices. Linen bolsters, shams, and pillowcases make the perfect throws for daybeds and sofas. The linen throws are our best bet for a quick and astonishing room makeover. We want everyone to be able to enjoy linen in their interior, so we are always happy to take your order for the odd-sized or shaped furniture. Just contact us and we will be there to help!