Heavy Duty Linen Bed Skirt with Pleated Corners


Pure linen-cotton bed skirt. When you say the perfect bed setting, you mean the details. This linen bed skirt will make exactly the impression you are looking for.

  • Size Guide
    Duvet covers

    US Twin

    167x219 cm


    US Twin XL

    168х229 cm


    US Full/Double

    203x203 cm


    US Queen

    229x224 cm


    US King

    259x229 cm


    CAL King

    264x239 cm



    US Standard

    51x66 cm


    US Queen

    51x76 cm


    US King

    51x91 cm


    Duvet covers

    EU Single Duvet Cover

    140x200 cm

    EU Double Duvet Cover

    220x200 cm

    EU King Duvet Cover

    220x240 cm


    Euro Standard

    50x70 cm

    Duvet covers

    UK Single Duvet Cover

    140x200 cm

    UK Double Duvet Cover

    200x200 cm

    UK King Duvet Cover

    220x260 cm


    UK King

    50x90 cm

    Duvet covers

    AU Queen Duvet Cover

    210x210 cm

    AU King Duvet Cover

    245x210 cm


    AU King

    50x80 cm


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The bed skirt is often ordered from us together with the mattress cover, to create a stylish and cohesive look.

It can be used on the mattress or bed, but also bed skirts are great for platforms, podiums, and so on. When combined wisely with other elements like couch covers and wedge bolsters, it creates the look and feel of an actual sofa for any daybed or spare mattress you have in your house.

This bed skirt comes in a beautiful construction. The corner pleats hang nicely, creating exactly the right volume for the bed stand. The heavy-weight linen is made of a blend of flax and cotton. It is sturdy, good-looking, and gets better with use. The classic natural feel will work perfectly with the widest range of materials, and be the base to tie the whole room together.

By using the beautiful high-quality heavy-weight linen, you will get the solid looks of an actual upholstery. Linen fits lovely in the rustic and minimal interiors. Are you looking for a more boho, relaxed and softer ambiance? Then take a look at our bed skirt in medium-weight linen.

What if you need a bed skirt made to order?

We know that people often use bed skirts not just for beds, but also for podiums, platforms, and all kinds of things. If your desired sizing is different than we have in the size chart, we may still be able to make it for you. Send the desired sizing and any note about the shape, configurations, etc. and we will be happy to get back to you. We can sew almost everything.

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