Natural linen has multiple purposes around your house – think things like bedding, throw pillows, upholstery, and more. Linen comes in different weights. The heavy weight linen is sturdier, while the lighter medium weight linen drapes more easily. 

Heavyweight linen swatches

Rustic and rough, heavy weight linen is made of the thicker and shorter flax fibers, combed out in the process of linen making. These fabrics come in varying colors and patterns for a more decorative look. You can use the heavy weight linen for applications like bedding and upholstery. Most heavy weight linen is between 10 and 15 ounces per square yard. 

Heavyweight approved

Best use? The heavy linens are historically classic upholstery fabric. It makes some of the best coverings around. Linen fabric is very strong and extremely durable. Furniture covered with linen will not show signs of wear for a long time.

Go for the heavy weight linen when you need:

  • Daybed covers
  • Mattress covers
  • Bench Cushions
  • Upholstery
  • Sturdy bolsters
  • Ottoman covers

Mediumweight linen swatches

Flowy and breathing, the lighter kind of linen – medium weight linen – is made of longer and softer flax fibers. They remain after the shorter ones have been combed out. Weighing in at 8.5 ounces per square yard, these lighter types of linen can be used for clothing and relaxed fit upholstery. This fabric has a body, but still flows well.

Mediumweight approved

Best use? The lighter linen fabrics have a more relaxed and flowy fit. Think Summer of Love, backyard movies and blanket forts aesthetics. When it comes to styling, smooth & light linen brings cozy yet airy feeling to the space.

Medium weight linen is perfect for:

  • Protective slipcovers
  • Daybed pillow shams
  • Decorative throws
  • Breathing mattress toppers
  • Furniture covers

A peculiarity often associated with linen yarn is the abundance of slubs. Slubs are small, soft, irregular lumps, which occur randomly along the linen fiber length.

In the case of many modern linen fabrics, particularly in the decorative upholstery industry, slubs are seen as part of the aesthetic appeal of an expensive natural product.

Slubs do not compromise the strength of the fabric, and are not viewed as a defect.

Linen properties

Why do we love linen furniture covers so much? Not only do they look and feel great. The linen is one of the most eco friendly materials out there. Look below for a list of linen properties to get excited about: 

  1. Linen can degrade in a few weeks when buried in soil. Linen is more biodegradable than cotton.
  2. Mildew, perspiration, and bleach can damage the fabric, but because it is not made from animal fibers (keratin) it is impervious to clothes moths and carpet beetles.
  3. Linen is relatively easy to take care of. It resists dirt and stains, has no lint or pilling tendency, and can be dry-cleaned, machine-washed, or steamed.
  4. It is smooth, making the finished fabric lint-free, and gets softer the more it is washed.
  5. Linen fabric feels cool to touch, a phenomenon which indicates its higher conductivity (the same principle that makes metals feel “cold”). 
  6. Linen is one of the most preferred materials for bed sheets due to its durability and hypoallergenic properties.

How to style up linen in your interior

The lighter linen fabrics have a more relaxed and flowy fit than their heavier cousins. Think Summer of Love, movies in the backyard, and blanket fort aesthetics. So, when it comes to styling, you want to stay on the softer side of things. Poufs and floor cushions, beads and glass, rugs and lowrider coffee tables will make a great entourage for the interior based on linen covers.

Heavier textures go beautifully with the primary natural staples. Ceramics and baskets, flowers and leather complement the linen covers perfectly. Be it hygge, minimalism, Scandinavian or boho inspired house, rest assured that linen will add a ton of value to it.


Linen is a strong natural fibre that’s soft, yet sturdy and perfect for upholstery. It is also naturally smooth, which helps it to resist pilling and soiling. 

If you want your home to have an aesthetic appeal, consider using heavy duty upholstery fabric such as our textured heavy weight linens, for the basic pieces like daybeds, sofas, and seats. Once made properly, such covers immediately give a makeover to the whole room. To play around a little, add coloured accents with lighter linens – cushions and throws work great.


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