Why everyone is obsessed with the linen furniture covers?

Humanity has been using linen in our homes for over 30000 years now. What benefits of linen furniture covers has kept them a big thing in the interior design over all this time?

Today linen upholstery and linen furniture covers remain a top choice for people looking for the simplistic yet luxurious natural materials. If for you premium materials are the ones that are eco-friendly, healthy, comfortable, sustainable, and versatile, then linen is for you. Linen works great for all trending interior styles, such as minimalism, hygge, scandi, neutral, ombre and tropical chic. Yet, there’s definitely more than just a trendiness to it.


Below are 7 reasons why our customers are obsessed with their linen covers:

Natural appeal for warm & cozy feeling

Do you like surrounding yourself with natural materials in the interior? If so, linen is definitely worth trying out. A 100% pure natural fiber, linen is made into a whole range of household staples. Whether the linen fabrics are being used in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, when you see and touch it, you will know something special is going on for you right there. 

​​It transformed the daybed in my guest room/home office into a nice place to snuggle up and read or relax with a cup of coffee. – Tamara

The fabric is soft, the color is great, and the final covers fit perfectly. – Annie

It arrived just in time for our first house guests to sleep on our day beds; the quality and comfort of the linens met my expectations! – Hillary

Healthy choice for instantly better quality of life

Choosing linen for your home is an instant way to improve your quality of life. Anti-allergic, hygroscopic bedding on a linen mattress cover will bring you an amazing night’s sleep. The breathing furniture covers ensure there is a better air circulation for your skin. Naturally anti-static linen also makes just the perfect choice for the daybed covers and pillow shams. It does not collect dust as much as other fabrics, and has been recommended by doctors for people with asthma and breathing conditions.

The linen is just the thing. Thank you! – Wallace 

Beautiful cover. Gots our daybed perfectly and looks very high end. Love the feel of it. – Trisha

Top-notch details for long-lasting quality

The quality of threads, hems, zippers matter. But also does the craftsmanship level. The expensive high-standard upholstery fabric like Belgian and European heavy linen performs best when crafted by the skilled artisans. Proper know-hows and attention to detail ensure that the cover will fit right, last longer, and be overall more appealing over use. 

linen covers benefits

The photos are accurate to the color and texture. Perfect fit after washing them – they are snug, but not so tight that it changes/warps the shape of the mattress. – Alex

The fabric is heavy and good quality. The stitching is great. – Leiko

[…] such high quality, really heavy duty zippers, beautifully finished on the inside–makes my daybed look like a custom piece. – Holly

Great looks to enjoy at every glance

Linen is classic high-standard upholstery fabric from the times as far as Egyptian pharaohs and Alexander the Great. If you are looking for a premium quality basic pieces layer for your interior, heavy duty linen is worth putting on your go-to list. Think benches, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, daybeds, window seats, or patios – all of them win from a perfectly finished linen seating covers. This is a sure shot every time. 

Just what I was hoping for! The perfect finishing touch for my new daybed swing on my new outdoor room! – Donna

Cording adds a finished touch. Linen fabric is exactly what I envisioned. – Joyce

Spend hundreds, save thousands

While bringing the unbeatable classic looks, linen remains a material within the reasonable pricing range. For a very fair price you can get a lovely natural fabric in different weaves, from herringbone to classic rustic lattice. Natural shades or dyed colors look and work equally well in all kinds of interiors, bringing the right “zing” to the minimalist, scandi, tropical-vibe, and farmhouse styled rooms.  

My new living room looks perfect just in time to host a guest  – Marianna

We wanted our daybed to look and feel more like a sofa when it wasn’t in use for sleeping, and this was the perfect solution. – Ashleigh

Sustainable, easy & affordable green choice

Among all the upholstery and household fabrics, linen is the most eco-friendly. It takes 7x times less water for linen than cotton to grow. It is also often grown pesticide-free. You can use linen cloth for many years, and then upcycle it several times. In the very end, 100% pure natural linen is compostable as is. It can decompose in the soil over as soon as a few weeks.

Besides, getting a linen cover is a simple and eco-friendly way to upcycle the furniture you have instead of buying new one.

Very pleased with my warm gray mattress cover which has made my old sofa look new again. – Amy

it’s such good quality and really improved the appearance of my furniture. Love it! – Amelia

Perfect protection for homes with pets and children

Due to their naturalness, healthiness, sturdiness and durability combined with the reasonable pricing, the linen covers are hard to beat when it comes to pets and kids. Often we hear from our customers that they’ve ordered linen covers just to protect their favorite couch or daybed, and ended up liking it more than before. We are also proud to be recognized by the furry friends and playroom owners all around the globe!

Wonderfully thick and sturdy. I wanted to protect my two twin mattresses (I have an IKEA pullout day/guest bed) from my dog, whose sharp claws decimated my leather couch. It’s also very easy to lint roll/spot clean. – Kako


Like we said in the beginning, if you are looking for the premium materials that are eco-friendly, healthy, comfortable, sustainable, and versatile, then linen is for you. Pick something in your favorite color today, and let’s see how much you will like it!